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We are able to offer you the following services:

Technical Office

We are equipped with CAD CAM systems, to aid the design of small parts or machines, in addition to the production of offers based on plans, or based on studies undertaken by ourselves.

Lathe work

We have lathes measuring 1,2, 4 and 8 metres between the points, with the possibility of mechanising parts up to 15 metric tons in weight. We are also equipped with numerical control for parts up to 2 metres between the points. Rectification of cylindrical rubber rollers and with pumping, with computer control of the graph represented. In complementary lathe activities, we are able to mechanise holes divided by flanges, notches in holes of large dimensions, ...


We have universal millers with accessories, such as dividing plates, heads with different geometries, for producing interior mechanisations, ...

We have numerically controlled millers, with CAD CAM programming.

We are able to make gears, as we have a gear cutter.

Other mechanisations

Radial drills, column drills, notcher, hydraulic threader, chamfering machines, magnetic drills, belt-saws with saw cuts of up to 400mm ø, ...


Welders with AC and DC electrode current, welds using argon/tig system, continuous thread welder for iron, inverter type continuous thread welder with double arc for welding aluminium, iron, stainless steel or copper, rotation systems for filling parts, ...


Bridge crane for moving parts weighing up to 16 metric tons. Metrological equipment for exterior diameters of up to 800mm and interior diameters of up to 1.100mm. Magnetic induction heater for rollers and parts with a mass of up to 100Kg.

With all of this equipment, we are willing to offer our clients not only the construction of parts based on plans or repairs to mechanical equipment, but all types of solutions to ensure that machines are not out of service, whether this is because the delivery time for the genuine spare part is too long, or whether the design of a part is not sufficiently adapted to the requirements and needs to be redesigned.

We are here to offer you all kinds of solutions, from a simple mechanisation to the design for a machine for carrying out a determined process, with pneumatic automated processes, programmable electronic processes, and the generation of operating programmes.

Our constructions include conveyor belts for transporting heavy products, various elevators, mandrel extractors for rolls of paper, shrink film wrapping machines, multi-format cutters for the paper industry, agitators for vats, ... All based on the needs of our clients and by producing a study and the construction, and assembly of elements and putting them into operation.

None of these products are mass-produced; they are all manufactured for the specific needs of our clients. To date, we basically provide a service to the paper industry in manufacturing and handling, the textile industry, the petrochemical industry, miscellaneous workshops and other industries, who increasingly place their trust in us because of the service we offer them.